User & Approver Groups

We can setup users in a number of ways. Some simple sites have one user that many visitors may share. Others may have logins for each division or department, or unique access for each individual user. Our storefront sites are flexible enough to adapt to your growing business and the diverse needs of our clients and their staff.

User Groups

User groups allow us to customize the experience for specific users. Different roles within an organization will likely have varying needs in terms of materials used. For example, salespeople may have a need to order marketing literature and business cards, while HR personnel may have a need for forms and name badges. We can tailor the catalog seen by those users so that only pertinent items are seen when they login. This makes it easier for customers to find the product they need.


There are also many instances where larger companies may not want different divisions may not want eachother to see items that are branded for them. User groups allow us to define a subsection of users that see certain items or are given certain site privileges.

Approval System

Single Approver

Single Approver

We can setup one or a group of users to require approval by a single person. Once an order is placed by someone that they are set to approve for, this person would receive a notification that they have a pending order. The email will include a link to approve, deny or edit the order. Additionally, approvers can look at orders awaiting their approval in their order history by filtering orders by 'all' users and 'awaiting approval'.

Approver Groups

Approver Groups

Approver groups are a great solution for companies with multiple divisions, locations or departments, especially when they have independent budgets. We can setup an approver or group of approvers required to sign off on orders by specific users before they are put into production.

When an order is placed, if the user has an approver group listed in their profile, any employees listed in that group will receive an email notifying them that an order is awaiting their approval. Anyone within the group can approve the order via the link withing their email confirmation. Once approved, the user will receive an email that their order has been approved and the item(s) will enter production.