Online Proofing

Our templates allow us to setup forms that will populate a live proof so you can see what your product will look like when it arrives. When you submit your order, our templates provides us with print-ready artwork based on your selections so what you see is EXACTLY what you'll get.

Template Capabilities

Our templates are flexible enough to allow you and your employees to personalize their printed products, but structured enough to keep within your branding guidelines. There are a number of features that help us accomplish this.


Adaptive Positioning

We know every business card, envelope or marketing piece your company prints is formatted exactly the same. That is why our proofing system is set up to adapt to the information you enter. If you have an extra address line at your location, or don't want to include your cell number on your business card, our templates are intuitive enough to flow the content above and below properly to ensure you card looks right every time.

Hard-coded fields

Why type when you don't have to? We want to simplify your ordering experience and reduce potential for errors wherever we can. If you have specific titles that your employees are able to use, or phone numbers that should be tied to a location, we can setup dropdown menus that will populate your proof with the correct information.

Upload Images

Whether you're working on a marketing piece or some simple stationery, you can make it your own personal design with Marketing Storefront. Our templates can allow you to upload an image or select from a pre-determined library to add a background or picture to your product. This gives you the ability to personalize items like flyers, business cards or invitations.