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A powerful, customized system for managing marketing across your organization

Maintaining your brand across your materials is easy with our Digital Storefront. East Coast Media’s Web, Prep and Customer Service team creates your catalog of marketing collateral such as business cards, stationery, brochures and booklets, banners, promotional products and apparel based on your own files or reusable templates we can develop for you. Employees can log in and customize these materials, select specifications such as quantity and delivery options, then proof the order on screen, order, and track their jobs online. Tell us if you need another approval layer and we will add a manager sign-off, purchase order number or even create it to process credit card payments with each order.

If you’re using our fulfillment services to store your printed pieces, you can order from your existing inventory using your Marketing Storefront. We will select, package and ship your items to the destination you choose.

An advanced online tool for speed and efficiency

At East Coast Media, we know your time is valuable. Using our Marketing StoreFront is a great way to make the most of your resources. Customers spend approximately 50% less time procuring their stationery items through a Digital StoreFront than through traditional means because the process is significantly faster at every step of the way. We can batch similar orders together and reduce turnaround time from 1-2 weeks to as little as 72 hours.



With East Coast Media’s Digital StoreFront, you can:

  • Catalog & order all your marketing materials online, not just printed items.
  • Low inventory level notification.
  • Easily re-order previously printed pieces
  • Design, View, Proof & Order Personalized Projects From Your Desktop or Mobile Device
  • Have your own online catalog based on templates we help you create
  • View variable quantity pricing online
  • Implement Orders Controls So you approve who orders what
  • View extensive history
  • View order status
  • Control Shipping Completely, Setup Split Shipments
  • Pay for your order instantly using our online shopping cart and secure credit card payment system
  • Cloud Based, Log-In Secure Site

Print on demand to save time and money

East Coast Media’s StoreFront supports true “print on demand” and since you see pricing with quantity breakdowns, you can make good buying decisions by printing only what you need when you need it. Keeping your materials updated and fresh while reducing storage needs reduces waste—often by as much as 40%.

This system helps keep all your printing in one place by using the same processes to track and manage standard-sized documents as well as large format, wall posters banners, retractables, door posters, business signs and more which can be included as customizable or stock items.

Storefront Benefits

Easy Set Up, Operation & Reporting

Getting started with a Marketing Storefront is simple. Once we develop the site and test it, you will be able to start placing orders. All you need to access your Storefront is a web browser, this Cloud Based system will even work on a mobile device. The interface looks and works a lot like Amazon so you will quickly get used to placing print and marketing orders, uploading your files, previewing and proofing your projects and checking order status. East Coast Media’s upgraded Storefront offers detailed, easy to use reports that will help track spending, consumption and cut down on waste.

Streamlined administrative tasks

Regardless of how complex a project is, reordering is now easy with our Marketing Storefront. Important specifications, quantity, price and date of previous orders are shown along with an on screen preview making it very easy to review past orders and reorder items. Your store is also a great tool for managers or approvers. You can quickly review what you or your staff has been ordering and the status of current orders so you never have to ask “Where is my order?” Just log in and see job status and track delivery - it is all one keystroke away.

Account features tailored to your needs

East Coast Media, the area leader in Marketing Support Services offers three types of Marketing StoreFronts to meet the specific needs of businesses. Simple account holders enjoy a powerful yet streamlined interface that simplifies their ordering process. Expanded level account holders have more items and features, including customizing the look of their StoreFront pages to make it an extension of their own brand. Expanded StoreFronts include multiple reusable templates for frequently customized items such as, stationery, brochures, postcards, posters and promotional products.

Plan Pricing



Great for small businesses

  • Secure Custom Store
  • Up to 5 Items
  • Single Login
  • Order History
  • PO Checkout


Custom Quote

Businesses with Multiple Locations

  • Secure Custom Store
  • Up to 20 Items
  • Multiple Logins
  • Order History
  • Approval System
  • Credit Card or PO Number


Custom Quote

Companies with Multiple Entities

  • Secure Custom Store
  • Unlimited Items
  • Login Signup
  • Order History
  • Multi-Level Approval System
  • Credit Card or PO Number
  • Location Selection
  • Dynamic Logo & Imprint
  • Reporting